Get professional development tools, networking opportunities with other people passionate about quality, and access to unlimited knowledge to guide you on the path to success. Make an impact on your career, your organistion, and your everyday life with the LSSSP membership. Build and nurture your Individual & Company culture, behaviour and skills with the support of the LSSSP Membership.

Program Features and Comparison

Annual Membership Subscription Price in AUD [A$] (inclusive of GST) $499 $9,999

Number of Member Representatives / Employees
Additional Representative / Employees: A$ 499

1 upto 20
LSSSP BoK, Website and Community Access
Online access to the original Motorola University Six Sigma Body of Knowledge, Toyota defined Lean Body of Knowledge and LSSSP Forums & Communities, including member-only content and events.
Member Discounts
Receive discounted member pricing on LSSSP Lean and Six Sigma level certifications
Volume Pricing on Custom Solutions
Work with your LSSSP Accounts team to design customised quality training and certification packages that develop your teams and employees’ skill sets, meeting your organisation's vision, mission, values, goals and bottom-line needs.
Access to Quality Resources
Provide a vast online library to teams and employees for instant access to quality tools, industry topics and resources. Includes case studies, articles, videos, books and other industry standards.
Member Networking Opportunities
Exclusive access to LSSSP Panel Members & other Subject Matter Experts on quality content, special program topics, how-to, etc.
LSSSP Career Center Discounts
Special member-only pricing on posting jobs for growing your teams and talent base.
Special Event Invitations
Exclusive invites for special events focusing on Quality, Continuous Improvement, Innovation and Best Practices for achieving Organisational Excellence.
Assistance and Support in preparing to achieve Excellence Awards
Special member-only pricing for accessing LSSSP's International team for getting started on your Organisational Excellence journey to achieving the prestigious standards as laid down by The Malcolm Balridge Excellence Model, EFQM - BQF, Australian Business Excellence Framework, Canadian Framework for Excellence.
Complimentary Needs Assessment
Help develop quality-driven goals your organisation is seeking to achieve. Request for your Complimentary Assessment of the current situation and provide you insight to overcome unique challenges and offer flexible and proven solutions to help you get to the next-level quickly and systematically.
This is applicable to ANY company type, employee size or other budget restrictions.

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  3. You will be charged under the name "MyEye Pty Ltd" (trading as LSSSP)
  4. To receive your Tax Invoice and other FAQ's, please visit FAQ Page or Contact Us
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 A$ 9,999 

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Get professional development tools, networking opportunities with other people passionate about quality, and access to unlimited knowledge.

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